Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night was out K-Group Christmas Party.(For the ones that do not know what K-Group is. It is like a Cell Group. Home Bible study.) We had such a good time and ate. The kids exchanged gifts. Trey got one of his fav things, a tool set. All he could say was "Bob! Bob! Bob!" Bob the Builder is on his mind 24/7.

Then it was time for the adult Christmas exchange and we were suppose to be doing "Dirty Santa", and you were suppose get things from your house and not buy anything. Will the first one went and the gift was opened and it was a GA Bulldog sippy cup. GA Bulldog paci, and GA Bulldog baby hat. Then it was the next ones turn and it was a baby outfit (which was a Braves outfit.). For the ones that do not know we are huge Braves Fans! It was number 3's turn and that person opened diapers I think. Well, I was # 4 and I got onsies and baby soap. You know I was not given that up. I will need them in 5 weeks. When each person would open a gift it would be something to do with a baby. This went on until #15 which was Truman's number. He picked a gift and it was diapers. Well, at that point they told us it was a Surprise Baby Shower. Truman and I was so surprised. We had no clue. You know that funny thing is, they gave me #4 thinking by then I would figure it out. No! I had no clue.

You are sitting here thinking what Truman and I brought. Well, it was not anything to do with a baby. We wrapped some Doggy Bedroom Slippers that were given to him by someone else and PartyLite Candles.

I truly feel like I have the BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD! I also felt like I had been Punked! LOL! No, not really. We were truly blessed last night and every thankful what they did for us. It just shows you that God put the best people in your lives!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cookie Lady

I guess you can call me the cookie lady. I usually make candy this time of year, but deceided that I would bake cookies. One of my blog friends made the pinwheel cookies and I loved them. I deceided that I would make them for the kids I keep and all of the kids in my K-Group. Man, they are cute, but take a long time to make.

This is the wonderful Peppermint Pinwheels Cookies. If you would like to try baking them, the recipe comes from Paula Dean.

This the cookies in the basket I will take to K-Group.

After making the pinwheel cookies, I deceided to make sugar cookies so I could do some Cookie Icing. Man, what have I got myself into.

This is the sugar cookies before decorating them. I deceided on Christmas Trees.

The finish project. I know that are not the best, but when you are as fat and pregnant as me, it takes a lot to bend over. LOL!

Well, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Rain Comes

Well last night, I guess that God forgot that he said he would never flood us again. We went to church and when we got back home, it had already rain 5 inches in about 3 hours. It rained all night long.

It has rained so much here that have moved the Christmas Parade to Monday. I am really glad because last night with all the rain came some contractions. I guess Noah wanted to come out and see the rain, but it is too early for him to arrive. I got no sleep last night and there are 4 wild children at my house. Please pray for me today.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fits-Where Do They Come From

This past weekend Trey started his wonderful winter cough, so we had to start breathing treatments. A couple of months ago he had a serve asthma attach and they changed the med he was on for breathing treatments. Before the med change they (breathing treatments) did not effect him to bad. Well, we are seeing a different child the last few days. I AM SO READY TO PULL MY HAIR OUT! I can not handle the fit throwing. I am really thinking about changing him back to the old med because he is not Trey on the med he is now.
An update on Noah Stephen. Oh if did not know that is what the new baby's name is going to be. I can not remember if I had told my blog friends or not. I only have 6 more weeks to go today. Jan 20th is not coming soon enough. It is going fast though. I remember with Trey I felt like I was pregnant for ever. Noah is weighing around 4lbs 2oz a week ago. Can you believe, he is weighing twice as much as his big brother did at birth. That is an answer pray too. I guess Trey will be "The Little Big Brother" and Noah will be "The Big Little Brother". That is mine and Truman's little joke.

Well, I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running Has Just Started!

I am sorry that I have not posted anything in a couple of weeks. I can tell that the holiday season is here. The Running has Started! The last two weeks have been crazy. I know that I have received my first blog award and I am going to do that too. Sorry Jennifer that it has taken me so long to respond to it.

Truman and I try to take Trey to see HOHO already this year and he was not having that. Santa was in the same room we were to take Christmas picture too, so we had to set for 20 min before he would let Christy take the pictures. Thankfully that she is a friend of mine and I keep her kids, because she was very patient with him. The pictures that we finally got with him in front of the Christmas Tress turned out cute. Thank you C. Barnett.

This year was the first year we had Thanksgiving at my house. It took me all week long to get ready for it. I had to clean and cook. Thankfully there were others that cooked as well. We had a great time with family and friends.

The day after Thanksgiving, Truman went on his first shopping trip with me. Needless to say, I do not think that he will be return again next year. He might though, we will have two to buy for then. We did get Trey his powerwheel fourwheeler that we wanted him to get at half price. That was at Toys-R-Us. While there, I got to see a great friend of mine that I have not seen in years. It was a reunion and a great way to start my Christmas Season.

Well, I guess this a start to my Running Around this Holiday Season. I hope that everyone else has a great Holiday Season. I am sure that will be posting some crazy stories from my shopping trips.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


This past Tuesday I turned 30 weeks, which I only have 9 more weeks until my C-Section. I know that a few more weeks to go, but I know that have the holidays to keep me busy. I am hoping that it will fly by. I have just an easy pregnancy if you compare it to Trey's. I have been having some heart problems. It is not effecting the baby, but it makes me where I can not do daily functions easily. Trey does not understand when I can not play with him. I did go to the doctor Tuesday and he was able to give me a pill that helps. That God for it, because it helps a lot. I just keep praying that keeps working until I have the baby. Hope that everyone has a blessed day.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Big Little 2 Year Old

Two years ago today, my little big boy was born . I will never forget that day. It was a scary, but blessed day. My little man was born at 34 weeks and weighed 2lbs 16ozs. As he spent 3 weeks in NICU, I truly new that God had given me a miracle.

Truman, Trey, and me in Augusta. As you can tell the UGA is bigger than him.

Trey has been through so much since the day is born, but he is stronger than most adults. He has shown me so much of how I should live. I am so thankful for my Little Big Boy!

Yesterday we had a Bob the Builder party. He loved it. We bought a pinata thinking that he would not really like it and that it would be for the older kids. Wrong! Trey loved it and did not want to share hitting it. Trey was the one that busted it too. It is funny, because he saw the broke pinata today and all he could say was "Bob and cady". (Bob and candy). All of his friends family was here and he was truly blessed. Here are some pics from the party.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Sock Monkeys and Craving Pumkins

Yesterday was the trick or treat night at Bainbridge College. I deceided that Trey would love it. I was so right. At first he did not want to put on his Sock Monkey outfit. He cried and fussed as I button it up. I put on the head and hated it. I did take one of Trey's little friends with us. Preston and Trey were little monkeys. Trey did wear his hate and was the cutest little Sock Monkey around.

My little Sock Monkey!

After gets lots of candy Truman and I took the kids to Burger King. I think they were both starving, they ate like they have never eaten before.

When getting home Truman and Trey carved his first pumkin. Trey thought it was nasty. He did not like it at all, so I ended up helping out and we got it done. Trey loved the final result.

Trey diggin in.

Trey and Daddy with final results.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Love of FALL!

I so love the fall time. Pumkins, the turning of the leaves, and cool weather. I also know that it is fall time because of candy corn. Who can not love this. I wished that it was out all the time. I love the cool weather too. I am really enjoying it this year because I can go outside with Trey and breath. Up until now going outside was not an option for this pregnant girl. It is too hot in South GA. I am so glad that I only had to indure a little bit of my pregnancy durning the hot, humid summer months. I do not know how women surive carrying one through all of the summer months. I guess God knew that I could not handle it. Back to my story.

This past Sunday we took Trey to his annual pumkin patch trip to pick out his pumkin. My parents and my sister family meet us there. Trey and Josie had the best time. Corie said that Josie was crying and pitching a fit before Trey got there. You would not have guessed it because that girl did not even cry while we were there. After Corie and her family left, we rode the hay ride. Trey got off and started calling for Josie. He did not understand why she was not there with him. I really enjoy watching them grow up together. Here are some picks of them at the pumkin patch. Some of them are edited. I guess you can say that I am trying to be a photagrapher. LOL! I would love to learn more about it.

Trey and Josie on the tractor.

The two of them on the "Big Ones."

Paw, YaYa, Josie, Trey.

Trey playing in the straw.

Trey hiding. His fav thing to do.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It Is About Time

I guess that it is about time that I blogged something. I have been slacking here lately. I am now in my 3rd trimester and once again have no enegry. This week has been a trying one. I have had some issues, but I think that it is getting better. I pray that it does. I am not wanting to contact the doctor until I have to.

Two weeks ago I week for my 24 week appt and I had to drink that nasty tasting sugar drink. I passed Thank God. I was not looking forward to doing a 3 hour one. The doctor also scheduled my c-section for Jan 20th. That is only 13 weeks away. I am so ready for it to happen, but the room is not ready. This weekend I think that we are going to start painting and getting everything together. Next week is Mule Days and then 2 weeks later is Trey's 2nd birthday. I will be busy with his birthday and then starts the holiday season, and everyone does how busy you are durning that time. So, I guess I better get to moving. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This past Friday, Winnie the Pooh Live was in Albany. My parents decided that they were going to take Trey and my neice Josie to see it. I had plans to go to the Worth County Homecoming Game first the first time since I graduated, but I decided Winnie the Pooh would be better. Man, was I right. It was great.

I thought that would Trey would like it, He loved it. He bounced like Tigger all night long. If he was not bouncing, he was dancing. Josie could not take her eyes off of Pooh Bear. And for me, I sang a lot of the songs and watch my son enjoy himself. That in itself was worth all the money I spent.
Trey bouncing like Tigger
in my lap.(Not to much
fun when pregnant)

"Ink, Ink, Ink"
The thing I liked about the show, was in was Old School Pooh. It was not this Super Sluth stuff that is on T.V. now. Trey thought is was going to be what he watched onT.V. On the way to the show, you could ask him what Pooh said and he would go "Ink, Ink,Ink". On the new Pooh show they say "Think, Think, Think."
Trey and Josie drinking out of their
Pooh cups.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Call this Blogging or Venting

The past two weeks have been really hard on me. It all started with my grandmother getting sick in Texas and not knowing if she is going to make it or not. Oh by the way she is better and doing fine.

While picking my dad up from the airport(from taking care of my grandmother), we get a call that Truman's dad is very sick. The bad part about the phone is 1) Dad is sick, 2) we are in Tally @ the airport,3) we have not way to get to back to Bainbridge. We were a little stressed at this point because we did not know what was going on or what was wrong. We were an hour from our house and 2 1/2 hours from his parents. Last Tuesday night was the longest night I think I have ever had (even after having a newborn). We made it there and Truman had to start taking care of everything, because his dad was hosting his first cow sale. My plans was to rest the whole weekend while the cow sale was going on. WRONG! I had to do more work then I do at home. It was a long week and I was give out.

After the long weekend, I start my week keeping the kids. Ok it is going normal, until yesterday. One of the fathers come in and tell me that tomorrow is going to be his little's one last day. Ok that is fine, but then goes to tell me why. I was alright with it. They were planning on help family out is what I was told, until this morning. Then the truth comes out. The family had ask my best friend to start keeping the little one, and really did not want to hurt my feelings. What hurt my feelings!? You just lied to me and I am not suppose to be upset!

Here comes the venting: Why didn't my best friend tell me that she was going to start keeping him and hide it from me and second why didn't the family just tell the truth to being with!? I feel like some people just never grow up and take on adult hood. Now with that said. I am not saying that you have to put all your childish ways aside. It is ok to act like a child with humor and jokes, but when it comes to business be an ADULT.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Night

I am sitting here thinking that I am just crazy for being tried or that it is pregnancy. I am wrong. The past two nights have not been good at the Henderson's household. Monday night Trey had a bad reaction to ant bites, so we had to have sleep with us. The only reason for this, is because he was having a little bit of trouble brething. I know I probally should just put him in his bed, but I am scared that he will start having lots of problems and I will not get to him fast enough. So no sleep for Amanda Monday night.

Last night started off good. I was sleeping like a baby, until I hear a scream of the monitor. This is 3:30 in the am. I get out of bed and I am meet in the kitchen by a little boy saying mmmilk please. No Trey it is to early for milk and you have to go back to bed. I take him back to his bed and crawl back in my. I lay there for about an hour and half trying to get comfy again. I finally get back to sleep and then I hear Dada mmmilk please. This is at 6:30. Trey was also coughing as he walks into the room. Truman gets the milk and I get up again and get the breathing treatment stuff. We all crawl in my bed. I give the breathing treatment as Trey is watching T.V. and drinking his mmmmilk. By the time the treatment gets done, it is time for me to get up and start keeping other children.

Tonight is our K-Group and I pray that when I get home that I can go to sleep and rest peacefully. I thought that you were suppose to rest when pregnant, but I am not getting it with this one at all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As most of you know that my little man has been through so much since he was born. Truman and I know that he is our little miracle. I know that from the time I got pregnant with him and got passed the 1st 12 weeks, that he was going to be a miracle. This past weekend was a great one. We went to Truman's parents house and celebrated his Papa'a 80 something birthday at the Country Cabin in Pearson, GA. If you are every in that area on Thrusday, Friday, or Saturday night, then you need to eat there. It is great. That night Truman got a call from a friend in Bainbridge that told us that a top of a tree had fell and misses our house by about 3 feet. I knew there was nothing I could do at that time but pray that there was nothing else wrong when we got home Monday night. Thank you God for this miracle. Yes it is a miracle that there was nothing else wrong.

This is a picture of the tree that fell. I am truly blessed that God is in control here.

Back to Trey. Yesterday Trey had a doctor appointment in Augusta. This was the appointment to set up his next surgery, or talk about when we were going to come back to do it. When the doctor came in he looked at Trey and said that we would not have to do another surgery. Truman and I looked at each other and was like what. The doctor told us that it had healed on its own and he did not want to see Trey until next August. Yes, August! I thought to myself, we suppose to have surgery in May and you do not want to see us until August. At that point, I knew that God performed a healing miracle on Trey. I feel truly blessed about this because when Trey had his next surgery, we would have 3-4 month old to watch after too. Thank you God for answerin prayers and performing miracles.

Just remember that God can performs miracles to you. You just have to faith and believe in Him and it will happen.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

How Time Flies!

As I am sitting here thinking about the time, I have come to realize that time flies by so fast. As being hooked on facebook, I am able to talk to some old friends that I have not talked to in awhile(Thanks Facebook.), but it just seems like I seen some of them just yesterday. That yesterday was 10 years ago. Man, do I wish I could stop time and just hang out with them again. Now, I am not saying that I do not love my life now, I do. I just wished that we could all get back together again. Most of us are married and have families of our own, and other have moved away. Man does time fly by.

Talking about how time flies by. It just seems like yesterday I was pregnant with Trey and plan on his arrival. Well, he will be two in November and he is getting to be a big boy now.

This is Trey the night before he came home from the hospital. He is not my little baby no more, even though we will always be my baby. Trey is now into Bob the Builder. I am not just saying watching for 30 minutes either. I am talking about watching for 5 hours. Truman and I have to tell him Bob went night-night so we can watch t.v. This past weekend we took him to get his first pair of boots. They are Johnny Hopper Boots by John Deere, but Trey calls them his "Bob Boots". He is so cute with them on.

On Sunday, I ask him if he wanted to wear his boat shoes or his "Bob Boots" and he picked the boots. I guess I better get ready for him to want to wear them with shorts before long. LOL. Man how time flies.

Jan will be here before you know it and the second will be here. I am hoping that we will find out with the next coulple of weeks what we are having. As soon as I do I will let everyone know. Just remember that we are not promised tomorrow, but only today. So do not put off what you want to do today for tomorrow.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Heaven Part 2

I guess that it is time to add another about heaven study I am doing. The other night was are 3rd study of the topic and we talked about what we would be like in heaven. As I sat there listening to everyone talk about the verses we had to read, I just thought what it would be like.

One thing that I have learned is we will be made like God. Man is that not cool. I am going to be made in the image of the LORD! What more could we ask for. Second thing that we learned is we are still going to eat. I am so glad. We are going to be with the Lord, eating with Him and worshiping with Him. What more could we ask for. And Guess what there is not going to be any DRAMA in heaven. I think that I am really looking foward to that. DRAMA free, what more could we ask for!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Beach

On the 4th Truman and I took Trey on his first beach trip, He loved it. I really think that he could be a beach bum. Trey loved the water and the sand. We took one of his tractors and puched and dug the sand all day long. Truman also dug a hole and he sat in it and played for a while.

As I thank about the Joy that God has given us, I can not help to think about the joy that Trey had that day.

He was so much fun and I enjoyed just watching him. I really think that is what God does when we doing something that pleases Him. He looks at us and says " Look at Amanda, she is just a joy to watch." I try each day to do that, but I know that I disapoint Him some too. I am so Glad that My Father is a forgiven Father.

I look at the beauty of the beach and I can truly see the Lord. Thank you, ABBA!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Special Gifts

As I sit here and thank about the many gifts that I have received through the years, I can not help myself thanking about the GIFT of PARENTING that God has given me. After we had Trey, Truman and I deceided that he was going to be the only one. We had been through two miscarriages, and then a tough pregnancy with him. Not to mention the three weeks in NICU that we spent with Trey. Through all of this we decieded that my body was not made to care or have children.

Well, I guess God has other plans. Six weeks ago, after K-Group one Wednesday, I told Truman that I was pregnant and he did not believe me. So, here we go off to Wal-Greens and get a test. The test showed the truth. I was pregnant. So, here goes the phone calls to the doctors office. The med, vitamins, and zofran. Well, I thank God every day now for not letting "our plans" stop Him. This just shows you that He does give out special gifts to everyone.

I am due Jan. 28th and I know that I will have it 7-10 days early due to C-Section. I will keep everyone posted as I keep getting bigger. This one has been so easy so far. I just keep on praying that it keeps going this way.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Is Great to Be Loved!

As I am sitting here today, I can not help to thank about the love I have for Truman. I know that I do not show it in ways that he thinks I should, and I am not the perfect wife either, but I love him with all of my heart. As the 19th comes closer ( which we will be together 4 years on that day) I am reminded about the vows that I spoke to him that day. I am also reminded about the love that Jesus as given to both of us. It is a blessing to know that we are forgiven for all of the "BAD" things we do. Yes we all do them, but even though we do them, Jesus still loves with everything. I try each day to give Truman all of my love and desires. I know that it does not happen everyday, but I am trying to do. Thank God, that I found my true love and was able to marry him!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeing Great People

This past weekend Truman and I had to go to two different weddings. The first one was his old college roomate's. I was thinking that the only people I am going to know is the groom and bride, so I had ready set my mind to just take care of Trey at this wedding. I guess God has different plans for you. As I was sitting there eating I notice a lady that I thought I knew. So I ask the groom who it was, and I did know her. After talking to the lady that I knew, I also found out that her daughter was in the wedding and I had no idea who it was when I saw her. It was great being able to see both of them. you never know who you are going to see when you go any where. Just remember that you might run into one of your long time friends when you just go to the store.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night Truman and I went to our Wednesday Night bible study(K-Group for the one who know) and we are doing a study on Heaven. I was setting there thinking about what it would be like the day I get to met my Abba. I am still thinking about it today.

I can see the great creation that He has made for us. I am also looking forward to the day I get to met the two children that I have not been able to met yet. I wonder what they will look like and even wonder what sex they will be. I wonder if they will run up to me like Trey does now. I know that they are sitting there with My Lord and he is taking care of them. I can not wait until the day I can sit there with them as well.

I was also think about the unless worship that I will be able to do. I am not saying that I am perfect by know means and that I am not going to be ask why I did something either. I know that I am going to face some judgement on the the things I have done in the past, but I am looking forward to being able to worship all the time. I wonder if I will fall to my knees or will I just stand there in all.

I guess I will find out more as we study this subject. I just wanted to pass on a few of my thoughts that was going through my mind.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He is God Child!

Sometimes I wonder why you go through some of the valleys of life. The past three weeks have been every trying times for Truman and I. After Trey's surgery, we found out that he was going to have to have another one in a year. This past one was going to be the last, but it did not heal right. I am so ready for this to be over with. It is really hard to see your little man in so much pain, and there is nothing that you can do.

I know that God has a reason for everything, but this one I do not understand what He is trying to tell me. Wait, He is trying to tell me that Trey is his child and He has control of his life. This is sometimes hard to understand. We are just here to take care of them for Him while they are on earth.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here We Go

The last two weeks have been pretty much not the norm around here. It all started off with Trey having his 3rd surgery. (It is the last. Thank God.) Truman and I were all packed up ready to leave Bainbridge heading to Augusta, when my car deceided that we were not taking it. I started to freak out, then I just sat back and listen to God, say I am doing it here and not in Macon, Amanda. I guess that if there is anything good about it, it did happen about 2 miles from the house. We unloaded the car and headed to my parents house to use theirs. We get to Augusta ok that night. The next morning is Trey's surgery and I just letting God take him in His hands and keep him safe at this point.

The surgery starts. Truman and I are prepared for 4 hours and ends up taking 6 hours. My little man has done wonderful after surgery, unti this time. It takes him about 2 hours to become alert enough to be discharge to the hotel. Once we get there Trey wants something to drink and gets sick. This happens about 4 times before he goes back to sleep for the night. I was so thankful when he did go back to sleep. The next day he is in pain so we give him is pain med. Then he starts playing great. Truman and I are saying to each other that he is feeling much better. Well, at 3:00 in the morning we reliaze that he is having an adverse reaction to the pain med when Trey is sitting up in the bed asking for his "trac"aka tractor. The next morning we go to the doctors office to remove the dressing and he tells us not to give him any more of the pain med. Well, I was not going to anyways. For this point on it is motrin and tylenol. It helps a little. After about 3 days with no sleep, we call and ask for something different of the pain. Thank God for tylenol #3. Sunday was the best night of sleep since the Sunday before.

We are still dealing with pain, but it is getting better. God has been with my little boy since last Tuesday. For my car, it is still not working and I hope that getting running soon. I am so tried of being stuck at home with no way to go.