Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here We Go

The last two weeks have been pretty much not the norm around here. It all started off with Trey having his 3rd surgery. (It is the last. Thank God.) Truman and I were all packed up ready to leave Bainbridge heading to Augusta, when my car deceided that we were not taking it. I started to freak out, then I just sat back and listen to God, say I am doing it here and not in Macon, Amanda. I guess that if there is anything good about it, it did happen about 2 miles from the house. We unloaded the car and headed to my parents house to use theirs. We get to Augusta ok that night. The next morning is Trey's surgery and I just letting God take him in His hands and keep him safe at this point.

The surgery starts. Truman and I are prepared for 4 hours and ends up taking 6 hours. My little man has done wonderful after surgery, unti this time. It takes him about 2 hours to become alert enough to be discharge to the hotel. Once we get there Trey wants something to drink and gets sick. This happens about 4 times before he goes back to sleep for the night. I was so thankful when he did go back to sleep. The next day he is in pain so we give him is pain med. Then he starts playing great. Truman and I are saying to each other that he is feeling much better. Well, at 3:00 in the morning we reliaze that he is having an adverse reaction to the pain med when Trey is sitting up in the bed asking for his "trac"aka tractor. The next morning we go to the doctors office to remove the dressing and he tells us not to give him any more of the pain med. Well, I was not going to anyways. For this point on it is motrin and tylenol. It helps a little. After about 3 days with no sleep, we call and ask for something different of the pain. Thank God for tylenol #3. Sunday was the best night of sleep since the Sunday before.

We are still dealing with pain, but it is getting better. God has been with my little boy since last Tuesday. For my car, it is still not working and I hope that getting running soon. I am so tried of being stuck at home with no way to go.

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