Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Is Great to Be Loved!

As I am sitting here today, I can not help to thank about the love I have for Truman. I know that I do not show it in ways that he thinks I should, and I am not the perfect wife either, but I love him with all of my heart. As the 19th comes closer ( which we will be together 4 years on that day) I am reminded about the vows that I spoke to him that day. I am also reminded about the love that Jesus as given to both of us. It is a blessing to know that we are forgiven for all of the "BAD" things we do. Yes we all do them, but even though we do them, Jesus still loves with everything. I try each day to give Truman all of my love and desires. I know that it does not happen everyday, but I am trying to do. Thank God, that I found my true love and was able to marry him!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you guys have been married 4 years already! Happy anniversary!