Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Special Gifts

As I sit here and thank about the many gifts that I have received through the years, I can not help myself thanking about the GIFT of PARENTING that God has given me. After we had Trey, Truman and I deceided that he was going to be the only one. We had been through two miscarriages, and then a tough pregnancy with him. Not to mention the three weeks in NICU that we spent with Trey. Through all of this we decieded that my body was not made to care or have children.

Well, I guess God has other plans. Six weeks ago, after K-Group one Wednesday, I told Truman that I was pregnant and he did not believe me. So, here we go off to Wal-Greens and get a test. The test showed the truth. I was pregnant. So, here goes the phone calls to the doctors office. The med, vitamins, and zofran. Well, I thank God every day now for not letting "our plans" stop Him. This just shows you that He does give out special gifts to everyone.

I am due Jan. 28th and I know that I will have it 7-10 days early due to C-Section. I will keep everyone posted as I keep getting bigger. This one has been so easy so far. I just keep on praying that it keeps going this way.

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The Pink Chick said...

I am so excited for you! I thought this might be the news you were waiting to share! What a blessing! You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love you!