Wednesday, September 17, 2008

In the Night

I am sitting here thinking that I am just crazy for being tried or that it is pregnancy. I am wrong. The past two nights have not been good at the Henderson's household. Monday night Trey had a bad reaction to ant bites, so we had to have sleep with us. The only reason for this, is because he was having a little bit of trouble brething. I know I probally should just put him in his bed, but I am scared that he will start having lots of problems and I will not get to him fast enough. So no sleep for Amanda Monday night.

Last night started off good. I was sleeping like a baby, until I hear a scream of the monitor. This is 3:30 in the am. I get out of bed and I am meet in the kitchen by a little boy saying mmmilk please. No Trey it is to early for milk and you have to go back to bed. I take him back to his bed and crawl back in my. I lay there for about an hour and half trying to get comfy again. I finally get back to sleep and then I hear Dada mmmilk please. This is at 6:30. Trey was also coughing as he walks into the room. Truman gets the milk and I get up again and get the breathing treatment stuff. We all crawl in my bed. I give the breathing treatment as Trey is watching T.V. and drinking his mmmmilk. By the time the treatment gets done, it is time for me to get up and start keeping other children.

Tonight is our K-Group and I pray that when I get home that I can go to sleep and rest peacefully. I thought that you were suppose to rest when pregnant, but I am not getting it with this one at all.

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