Friday, October 31, 2008

Sock Monkeys and Craving Pumkins

Yesterday was the trick or treat night at Bainbridge College. I deceided that Trey would love it. I was so right. At first he did not want to put on his Sock Monkey outfit. He cried and fussed as I button it up. I put on the head and hated it. I did take one of Trey's little friends with us. Preston and Trey were little monkeys. Trey did wear his hate and was the cutest little Sock Monkey around.

My little Sock Monkey!

After gets lots of candy Truman and I took the kids to Burger King. I think they were both starving, they ate like they have never eaten before.

When getting home Truman and Trey carved his first pumkin. Trey thought it was nasty. He did not like it at all, so I ended up helping out and we got it done. Trey loved the final result.

Trey diggin in.

Trey and Daddy with final results.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Love of FALL!

I so love the fall time. Pumkins, the turning of the leaves, and cool weather. I also know that it is fall time because of candy corn. Who can not love this. I wished that it was out all the time. I love the cool weather too. I am really enjoying it this year because I can go outside with Trey and breath. Up until now going outside was not an option for this pregnant girl. It is too hot in South GA. I am so glad that I only had to indure a little bit of my pregnancy durning the hot, humid summer months. I do not know how women surive carrying one through all of the summer months. I guess God knew that I could not handle it. Back to my story.

This past Sunday we took Trey to his annual pumkin patch trip to pick out his pumkin. My parents and my sister family meet us there. Trey and Josie had the best time. Corie said that Josie was crying and pitching a fit before Trey got there. You would not have guessed it because that girl did not even cry while we were there. After Corie and her family left, we rode the hay ride. Trey got off and started calling for Josie. He did not understand why she was not there with him. I really enjoy watching them grow up together. Here are some picks of them at the pumkin patch. Some of them are edited. I guess you can say that I am trying to be a photagrapher. LOL! I would love to learn more about it.

Trey and Josie on the tractor.

The two of them on the "Big Ones."

Paw, YaYa, Josie, Trey.

Trey playing in the straw.

Trey hiding. His fav thing to do.

Friday, October 24, 2008

It Is About Time

I guess that it is about time that I blogged something. I have been slacking here lately. I am now in my 3rd trimester and once again have no enegry. This week has been a trying one. I have had some issues, but I think that it is getting better. I pray that it does. I am not wanting to contact the doctor until I have to.

Two weeks ago I week for my 24 week appt and I had to drink that nasty tasting sugar drink. I passed Thank God. I was not looking forward to doing a 3 hour one. The doctor also scheduled my c-section for Jan 20th. That is only 13 weeks away. I am so ready for it to happen, but the room is not ready. This weekend I think that we are going to start painting and getting everything together. Next week is Mule Days and then 2 weeks later is Trey's 2nd birthday. I will be busy with his birthday and then starts the holiday season, and everyone does how busy you are durning that time. So, I guess I better get to moving. What do you think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


This past Friday, Winnie the Pooh Live was in Albany. My parents decided that they were going to take Trey and my neice Josie to see it. I had plans to go to the Worth County Homecoming Game first the first time since I graduated, but I decided Winnie the Pooh would be better. Man, was I right. It was great.

I thought that would Trey would like it, He loved it. He bounced like Tigger all night long. If he was not bouncing, he was dancing. Josie could not take her eyes off of Pooh Bear. And for me, I sang a lot of the songs and watch my son enjoy himself. That in itself was worth all the money I spent.
Trey bouncing like Tigger
in my lap.(Not to much
fun when pregnant)

"Ink, Ink, Ink"
The thing I liked about the show, was in was Old School Pooh. It was not this Super Sluth stuff that is on T.V. now. Trey thought is was going to be what he watched onT.V. On the way to the show, you could ask him what Pooh said and he would go "Ink, Ink,Ink". On the new Pooh show they say "Think, Think, Think."
Trey and Josie drinking out of their
Pooh cups.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

You Call this Blogging or Venting

The past two weeks have been really hard on me. It all started with my grandmother getting sick in Texas and not knowing if she is going to make it or not. Oh by the way she is better and doing fine.

While picking my dad up from the airport(from taking care of my grandmother), we get a call that Truman's dad is very sick. The bad part about the phone is 1) Dad is sick, 2) we are in Tally @ the airport,3) we have not way to get to back to Bainbridge. We were a little stressed at this point because we did not know what was going on or what was wrong. We were an hour from our house and 2 1/2 hours from his parents. Last Tuesday night was the longest night I think I have ever had (even after having a newborn). We made it there and Truman had to start taking care of everything, because his dad was hosting his first cow sale. My plans was to rest the whole weekend while the cow sale was going on. WRONG! I had to do more work then I do at home. It was a long week and I was give out.

After the long weekend, I start my week keeping the kids. Ok it is going normal, until yesterday. One of the fathers come in and tell me that tomorrow is going to be his little's one last day. Ok that is fine, but then goes to tell me why. I was alright with it. They were planning on help family out is what I was told, until this morning. Then the truth comes out. The family had ask my best friend to start keeping the little one, and really did not want to hurt my feelings. What hurt my feelings!? You just lied to me and I am not suppose to be upset!

Here comes the venting: Why didn't my best friend tell me that she was going to start keeping him and hide it from me and second why didn't the family just tell the truth to being with!? I feel like some people just never grow up and take on adult hood. Now with that said. I am not saying that you have to put all your childish ways aside. It is ok to act like a child with humor and jokes, but when it comes to business be an ADULT.