Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Love of FALL!

I so love the fall time. Pumkins, the turning of the leaves, and cool weather. I also know that it is fall time because of candy corn. Who can not love this. I wished that it was out all the time. I love the cool weather too. I am really enjoying it this year because I can go outside with Trey and breath. Up until now going outside was not an option for this pregnant girl. It is too hot in South GA. I am so glad that I only had to indure a little bit of my pregnancy durning the hot, humid summer months. I do not know how women surive carrying one through all of the summer months. I guess God knew that I could not handle it. Back to my story.

This past Sunday we took Trey to his annual pumkin patch trip to pick out his pumkin. My parents and my sister family meet us there. Trey and Josie had the best time. Corie said that Josie was crying and pitching a fit before Trey got there. You would not have guessed it because that girl did not even cry while we were there. After Corie and her family left, we rode the hay ride. Trey got off and started calling for Josie. He did not understand why she was not there with him. I really enjoy watching them grow up together. Here are some picks of them at the pumkin patch. Some of them are edited. I guess you can say that I am trying to be a photagrapher. LOL! I would love to learn more about it.

Trey and Josie on the tractor.

The two of them on the "Big Ones."

Paw, YaYa, Josie, Trey.

Trey playing in the straw.

Trey hiding. His fav thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

Trey is getting so big Amanda!! And your pics are great! I'm glad it's getting cooler there because I know what you mean about being pregnant during the summer. Emily was born at the end of July & Hugh was born August 8th. And I was HOT! You take care of yourself. :)