Friday, October 31, 2008

Sock Monkeys and Craving Pumkins

Yesterday was the trick or treat night at Bainbridge College. I deceided that Trey would love it. I was so right. At first he did not want to put on his Sock Monkey outfit. He cried and fussed as I button it up. I put on the head and hated it. I did take one of Trey's little friends with us. Preston and Trey were little monkeys. Trey did wear his hate and was the cutest little Sock Monkey around.

My little Sock Monkey!

After gets lots of candy Truman and I took the kids to Burger King. I think they were both starving, they ate like they have never eaten before.

When getting home Truman and Trey carved his first pumkin. Trey thought it was nasty. He did not like it at all, so I ended up helping out and we got it done. Trey loved the final result.

Trey diggin in.

Trey and Daddy with final results.


The Pink Chick said...

He is definitely the cutest sock monkey I have ever seen!!!

Tara said...

Trey is the cutest little sock monkey!! I love that costume and Brent and I hope ya'll have a wonderful and safe Halloween.