Thursday, November 20, 2008


This past Tuesday I turned 30 weeks, which I only have 9 more weeks until my C-Section. I know that a few more weeks to go, but I know that have the holidays to keep me busy. I am hoping that it will fly by. I have just an easy pregnancy if you compare it to Trey's. I have been having some heart problems. It is not effecting the baby, but it makes me where I can not do daily functions easily. Trey does not understand when I can not play with him. I did go to the doctor Tuesday and he was able to give me a pill that helps. That God for it, because it helps a lot. I just keep praying that keeps working until I have the baby. Hope that everyone has a blessed day.


Chey-Anne Smart said...

Thanks for the sweet comment this morning. We really miss Margaret. I will start to follow your blog and wish you luck with your pregnancy. What day are you scheduled for-Slade's bday is January 17th. Winter babies are fun-you can put them in the sweet footed Carter pajamas. It won't be long!

Anonymous said...

I am scheduled for the 20th. The day our "great" new president takes office.

The Pink Chick said...

I nominated you for a blog award!
Have a wonderful day!!