Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Tara from The Watermelon Tree gave me the cutest blog award. Thanks Tara. It is always special when I receive a blog award. The rule is that you have to come up with 10 uncute things about yourself.

1. I am a very OCD person when it comes to my children rooms and my kitchen.
2. I do not like to fold socks and when I do fold them I would really like everyone to put them up.
3. It seems to be the I will be wiping "hind parts" for a while.
4. I do not like socks on my feet. I hate to wear them, so in the winter I am so not comfy.
5. I really need a tan. I have not been able to enjoy the sun the last few years because of being big fat and prego. (I hope I can this year.)
6. I love to eat miracle whip on my sloppy joes and it is so good.
7. I truly hate people holding me down. I will get mean in a minute.
8. I really love Labor & Delivery. I think that is my fav department to work in.
9. I know that it this weird, but I do not like grilled chicken. I love all other kinds of chicken.
10.This is prob one of the hardest things that I have to do in a day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda!! :)

The Watermelon Tree said...

ohh thanks for being proud of me!! I am not proud that I flipped out tho! But hopefully I will never have to go through that again!!

I miss you also!! And you will be in my prayers! I am here for you if you ever need to talk:)

Anonymous said...

I left you an award on my page! :)