Monday, May 4, 2009

Chuckie Cheese and More

This weekend started off to be an emotional one. My dear hubby's brother is going through some tough things and Friday night, I think, was the worse. We did not get home until 1:30 Friday night-Sat. morning. I had to get up early because I was hosting a baby shower. Needless to say, I was a little slow getting out of bed. I did get everything done and was on time too.

The shower was great. I made my first diaper cake, and everyone liked it. This is a picture of it. We also had a craft project at the shower, we made burp cloths for her. All the ladies took cloth diapers and decorated them for her to use a burp clothes. This was a big hit and fun. Everyone got into it. She got some cute things and her swing and stroller. I am so glad that I got to bless a great friend with the shower.
(I would also like to say if you need a diaper cake, I will make it for you. Just let me know. I can do any theme or even add what ever you want on them.)

After the shower, I came home and rested. Hubby and I deiced to take the the little ones on a date. We went to CiCi Pizza in Tally and then to Chuckie Cheeses. T had a great time. It was so much for him to take in at first. We lost him one time and I thought I was going to loose it myself. I am so glad for the security that they have there. Here are some pics from the date. Hint: T one the Bob the Builder ride. He loved sitting on it, but did not like it moving. Remember is birthday party? Bob the Builder.


~Holly~ said...

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend! That diaper cake is soooo cute!! Love it! We will be praying for Truman's brother and whatever he's going through! Take care!


Love Love Love the diaper cake!!
Girl you could make big buck selling them on etsy!!

The Pink Chick said...

Th diaper cake is so cute! You did a great job!

Lydia Dustin said...

Can I eat the cake? Please it is so pretty? How do you make it look so real? So cute? I finally found a cake that won't ruin my diet. But digestion would probably be bad.

Amanda said...

The are pretty easy to make. I really enjoyed making it.