Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Working on Father's Day

I have started working on my hubby's Father's Day gift. I am doing something really special this year. I am not going to share to much because you never know when he will be sneaky and read this post. I do know that he will love it and I think that his hole family will too. I will show you some of the pics I will be using for it

This is his mother and dad. I think that it was a SR Prom, but not for sure.

This my hubby and his mother. I have not met her, but am looking forward to the day I get too.

This my hubby and two of his cousin. I only think that there is months between each of them. The one in the middle was killed when a car ran over him, so this pic is really special to the hubby.

I will be getting some pics from family members to go this some more I already have. I am really looking forward to giving it to him.

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