Monday, June 8, 2009

Love Dare

I did say that I would be back to tell you about my wonderful weekend and I will. I just had to share something with you before then. To all of you who are married and have not done "The Love Dare" devotional book. It is a must. My hubby and I started it this weekend, I will tell you that I love it. I can already see my self changing in areas that I did not think I needed too. I just want to but this out there: OUR MARRIAGE IS NOT IN TROUBLE, BUT WE JUST WANTED TO DO SOMETHING TOGETHER. OK with that said go out and buy it. You will not regret is.


~Holly~ said...

Did you mean to say "Our marriage is NOT in trouble"? Chris and I have a great marriage but we are wanting to do the Love Dare too! Every married couple can benefit from doing it! :)

Amanda said...

Yes and I fixed it.

Perfectly Pleasant said...

Good for you! Every relationship needs work -- even the great ones!