Thursday, July 2, 2009

Still Here

I do not want to think that I forgot about my blog friends. I am in the potty training stages of a 21/2 year old. Happy 4th!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I know that I am late on this post, and I am so sorry. I had a great day with the hubby on Friday. It was relaxing and was able to soak up some sun without the kids. This has not happen in almost 3 years. I am ready to do it again, but I think with the kids. We saw light house and ate fresh seafood too. My fave. Here are some pics from the day. Hope that you enjoy.

Me with the view of the ocean from the lighthouse.

The beautiful Lighthouse in St. Simons Island, GA.

The hubs and me with view of the ocean from the Lighthouse.

Us before dinner.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Cutest Give Away!!!

You must go over to Monogram Chick and check out her cute give away. When entering the give away a say I sent you over there. Hope everyone has a great day.


I am starting a bible study class in my home when school starts. I am leaning toward doing it on Godly Mothers. This is where I need your help. I am trying to find a book that we can read and talk through. If any of know of one that is good, or even read one that is good, please let me know. Thanks.

Devotional Tuesday....

As was reading my daily devotional today, the Lord laid it my heart to share it. It was about fear of people.

"The fear of man lays a snare, but he who trusts in the Lord is safe." Proverbs 29:25.

We have all been afraid of what someone might say if we told them the truth, or what they might think if we wear something that is out of our comfort zone. I bet you have even had fear walking into someone that you really just did not care for. I know I have. I always try to rely on myself, and it never turns out the way it should. Well, this verse says it all to me. I am so glad that I can turn to the Lord and I am safe. Fear is from the devil. He uses it to his best advantage too. He will make us think that we are nothing, when we are CHILDREN OF GOD!!! How good is that. We need to cast all of our fears on God and trust that He will help us through them.

My prayer for all of my blog readers is that God will be with you today and help you with any fears that you face today.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tasteful Thursday....Old Fashion Ice Cream

It is summer time in South GA and that means it is time for homemade ice cream. I was ready to get it out and make my first freezer full. I love to make it and serve it to others. I am all about baking, cooking, and serving others. I truly believe that is one of my God Given Gifts. This is not your usual recipe either. It takes all day to make it. I can remember as a kid thinking that homemade ice cream took all day, well this one does. It is worth it too.

(this is for a 4 quart churn, if yours is bigger I can email you the right recipe for it)


Combine sugar, flour, and salt in saucepan. Gradually stir in milk. Cook over medium heat for approximately 15 minutes or until thickened, stirring constantly.
Gradually stir about 1 cup of hot mixture into the beaten eggs. Add egg mixture into hot mixture, stirring constantly, cook for 1 minute. Remove from heat. Refrigerate 2 hours. Combine whipping cream and vanilla in large bowel; add chilled mixture, stirring with wire whisk to combine. Freeze as your freezer directs.

You can also add anything that you like to it before freezing. I have added chopped up butterfinger to it and it is great. I will be adding some peaches to the next one I believe.

I hope that you enjoy your summer. I will be back Monday to post about my anniversary weekend. We leave tonight and head to St. Simmons for the day tomorrow. This will be our first trip without kids. Please pray that everything goes as plan. I am a little nervous about it. Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 Years....

Where has time gone? That is the question that ask my self. This Friday, will be our 5th anniversary. I will tell you that I am more in love with my hubby than I was 5 years ago. We have been through so much together. Here is just some of it: First miscarriage @ 6 months of marriage. 2nd miscarriage year and half of marriage. Birth of our first son @ 34 weeks. Found out that he would have to have three surgeries before the age of 2. That is more than my husband has ever had. He also spent 3 weeks in NICU. The birth of our 2nd son and he spent 24 hours in NICU. I having to go from 2 incomes to one in matters of hours. Understand that I am a nurse and my son was too little and had to much going on for me to return to work. Through all of this, we have gained love for each other and strength too. I can say that if it was not for the Lord I do not know where we would be. I am so thankful for my husband. I love him and ready to see what the next 50 years will bring.

Here are some pics from our wedding and honeymoon. We went to Ocho Rios Jamaica for a week. We loved it and can not wait until our 2 sons are old enough to go with us.