Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It Is Great to Be Loved!

As I am sitting here today, I can not help to thank about the love I have for Truman. I know that I do not show it in ways that he thinks I should, and I am not the perfect wife either, but I love him with all of my heart. As the 19th comes closer ( which we will be together 4 years on that day) I am reminded about the vows that I spoke to him that day. I am also reminded about the love that Jesus as given to both of us. It is a blessing to know that we are forgiven for all of the "BAD" things we do. Yes we all do them, but even though we do them, Jesus still loves with everything. I try each day to give Truman all of my love and desires. I know that it does not happen everyday, but I am trying to do. Thank God, that I found my true love and was able to marry him!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Seeing Great People

This past weekend Truman and I had to go to two different weddings. The first one was his old college roomate's. I was thinking that the only people I am going to know is the groom and bride, so I had ready set my mind to just take care of Trey at this wedding. I guess God has different plans for you. As I was sitting there eating I notice a lady that I thought I knew. So I ask the groom who it was, and I did know her. After talking to the lady that I knew, I also found out that her daughter was in the wedding and I had no idea who it was when I saw her. It was great being able to see both of them. you never know who you are going to see when you go any where. Just remember that you might run into one of your long time friends when you just go to the store.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Last night Truman and I went to our Wednesday Night bible study(K-Group for the one who know) and we are doing a study on Heaven. I was setting there thinking about what it would be like the day I get to met my Abba. I am still thinking about it today.

I can see the great creation that He has made for us. I am also looking forward to the day I get to met the two children that I have not been able to met yet. I wonder what they will look like and even wonder what sex they will be. I wonder if they will run up to me like Trey does now. I know that they are sitting there with My Lord and he is taking care of them. I can not wait until the day I can sit there with them as well.

I was also think about the unless worship that I will be able to do. I am not saying that I am perfect by know means and that I am not going to be ask why I did something either. I know that I am going to face some judgement on the the things I have done in the past, but I am looking forward to being able to worship all the time. I wonder if I will fall to my knees or will I just stand there in all.

I guess I will find out more as we study this subject. I just wanted to pass on a few of my thoughts that was going through my mind.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

He is God Child!

Sometimes I wonder why you go through some of the valleys of life. The past three weeks have been every trying times for Truman and I. After Trey's surgery, we found out that he was going to have to have another one in a year. This past one was going to be the last, but it did not heal right. I am so ready for this to be over with. It is really hard to see your little man in so much pain, and there is nothing that you can do.

I know that God has a reason for everything, but this one I do not understand what He is trying to tell me. Wait, He is trying to tell me that Trey is his child and He has control of his life. This is sometimes hard to understand. We are just here to take care of them for Him while they are on earth.