Tuesday, August 26, 2008


As most of you know that my little man has been through so much since he was born. Truman and I know that he is our little miracle. I know that from the time I got pregnant with him and got passed the 1st 12 weeks, that he was going to be a miracle. This past weekend was a great one. We went to Truman's parents house and celebrated his Papa'a 80 something birthday at the Country Cabin in Pearson, GA. If you are every in that area on Thrusday, Friday, or Saturday night, then you need to eat there. It is great. That night Truman got a call from a friend in Bainbridge that told us that a top of a tree had fell and misses our house by about 3 feet. I knew there was nothing I could do at that time but pray that there was nothing else wrong when we got home Monday night. Thank you God for this miracle. Yes it is a miracle that there was nothing else wrong.

This is a picture of the tree that fell. I am truly blessed that God is in control here.

Back to Trey. Yesterday Trey had a doctor appointment in Augusta. This was the appointment to set up his next surgery, or talk about when we were going to come back to do it. When the doctor came in he looked at Trey and said that we would not have to do another surgery. Truman and I looked at each other and was like what. The doctor told us that it had healed on its own and he did not want to see Trey until next August. Yes, August! I thought to myself, we suppose to have surgery in May and you do not want to see us until August. At that point, I knew that God performed a healing miracle on Trey. I feel truly blessed about this because when Trey had his next surgery, we would have 3-4 month old to watch after too. Thank you God for answerin prayers and performing miracles.

Just remember that God can performs miracles to you. You just have to faith and believe in Him and it will happen.


HaleyM said...

Yay! So exciting. God is good!!

The Pink Chick said...

This is such wonderful news! I am so glad that he doesn't have to have any more surgery! Yea!