Friday, October 24, 2008

It Is About Time

I guess that it is about time that I blogged something. I have been slacking here lately. I am now in my 3rd trimester and once again have no enegry. This week has been a trying one. I have had some issues, but I think that it is getting better. I pray that it does. I am not wanting to contact the doctor until I have to.

Two weeks ago I week for my 24 week appt and I had to drink that nasty tasting sugar drink. I passed Thank God. I was not looking forward to doing a 3 hour one. The doctor also scheduled my c-section for Jan 20th. That is only 13 weeks away. I am so ready for it to happen, but the room is not ready. This weekend I think that we are going to start painting and getting everything together. Next week is Mule Days and then 2 weeks later is Trey's 2nd birthday. I will be busy with his birthday and then starts the holiday season, and everyone does how busy you are durning that time. So, I guess I better get to moving. What do you think?

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