Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DIY is That Easy!!!!

I am so sorry about not doing my Thursday post. It was a crazy day. I had 7 children here and was totally give out after they left. Friday was just as crazy. Noah is now 4 months old and it was time for his check up. He got clean bill of health. Thank God. After that I started on my long DIY projects.

My first project was the kids bathroom. A few months ago I purchased a shower curtains with frogs on it. It looked good in the bathroom, but the room needed some more color in it.
This picture is of the room before I painted it. A little boring, what you think.I decided that while the hubby was gone I would paint it. The color I picked out is called Pear Green.

The second projects were curtains for both of the boy's rooms. I knew what I wanted, but I could not find anything I liked so I decided to make my own. This was my first time doing it and I know that I will be making all of my curtains now. It was easy and you have unlimited ideas.
This is my oldest room. I just used denim fabric and checked red and white ribbon. It was what I wanted. His room is trains and animals so I wanted it look rustic.

This is my youngest son's curtains. I already had the white panel curtains and wanted to had some color to them. I found these place mates. I really like the why they turned out.

On Sunday after church we had some friends over and we grilled steak and shrimp. I telling you, I ate to much that day and I am ready for some more. I really love entertaining and having friends over. That night we rented a movie and camped out in the living room floor with the kids. "T" really enjoyed it. He got to stay up past his bed time. I can tell you that I am getting old because yesterday I was extremely sore all over.

Yesterday, we had a relaxing day. It was great just spending it the family. I hope that you all had a great long weekend. I am so ready for the rain to stop in South GA and see some sun for a change.

Yesterday we relaxed and


Anonymous said...

You did an amazing job on thoses curtains!! I so wish I could sew! :)So glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend and try to rest some this week...if that's possible! :)

Anonymous said...

Whoops...I forgot to comment on the paint...LOVE IT!!! I hate to paint because I'm not very good at it. The color is so cute with thoses frogs! :)

The Pink Chick said...

I am so impressed! The paint and the curtains look wonderful!!!

pocket full of pink said...

The bathroom and curtains look great!!

Kayce said...

I hate painting, but you did a wonderful job! I love the green! And the curtains are very cute too!

Stacey said...

you are so creative! I can barely sew a button back on. LOVE the green paint in the bathroom.